Eliberatica 2008

The main ideas I got out of this conference http://eliberatica.ro/2008/:

Contributing to a freedom software project is easy, be it translation, documentation, source code or artwork. Free software projects fail all the time, but that is good because the costs of a failure of such project are relatively low. The cost is only the cost of time its contributors have committed to it.

However silly our work seems to be when we do it, it allows others to build on it – and that is what makes it strong and durable. So we should start make our on contributions on it.

Making a business out of a freedom software project is very hard and needs a very careful analysis of the business model involved. Licensing is especially important, it sits at the core of the business model.

My notes/outlines on the logistics of the conference:

  • Sun (the one in the sky, not the company called Sun Microsystems) was really stumping on my nerves;
  • breaks were too short, there was too much content;
  • having 2 presentation rooms and a separate terrace (at Eliberatica 2007) was better;
  • the presentations were too business-like, although the audience was technical oriented
  • not too many practical activities, too much theory.

Suggestions for 2009 (I intend to join the organizing team or at least spend more time helping organizing it):

  • set up a wiki about the conference
  • I have missed the mailing list discussion about the conference, needs more promotion
  • suggested debates (voting ideas and topics? or not?)
  • have an unconference (barcamp)
  • have practical activities (coding session, install fest, gaming fest)
  • Eliberatica Planet for gathering feeds about Eliberatica

Personal objectives set up related to Eliberatica:

  • FSFE + FreedomMarketing.org
  • OpenOffice.org extensions for collaborative artwork: ODF SVN, wikiediting, image versioning
  • Common configuration repository (SAMBA registry?)
  • Mozilla test suite for extensions
  • translation of licensing with APTI, Bogdan Manolea
  • Library of Freedom Software Business cases – translation OmegaT/Trados

This also serves as my tasklist which I will, hopefully, update as I fullfill these objectives.

More detail on each item in following posts.


1 Response to “Eliberatica 2008”

  1. 1 Lucian 2008/06/03 at 09:32

    Hi Bogdan,

    Thanks for the comments and for having you again at eLiberatica this year. We will keep in mind your suggestions; we are permanently learning and trying to improve.
    Although the first edition gained a tremendous enthusiasm from the attendees (this is happening always first time) not only me but other guests and participants had the feeling that this year the conference where more focused and it send more information than last year.
    Of course, you where right, it was still too busy – a marathon. We have to work on it.
    I’m sure the next one will be even better. The most important think is that you, the attendees to send us your feedback and opinions. And to help promote it improve it each year.

    We keep in touch!

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